adjective: work done prior to printing, /prēˈpres/

Pre-Press for Print in Woburn, MA

Ask the Three Little Pigs…you need a good foundation to build a house!

Pre-Press for print in Woburn, MA, is that foundation that starts the process in order to end up with a good quality print. It’s not as easy as throwing a filter on your image. Prep work on the files, pre-flighting, color correcting and retouching are just a few ways that pre-press can make sure the output is the best it can be once it gets to press.

  • Retouching
  • Color correcting
  • Preflight and page preparation
  • Proofing – Epson & Fuji
  • Scanning

How many changes can you see?

The pre-press process can be as simple as adding highlights or as complicated as removing elements to enhance the overall feel for your print production needs. Click to enlarge the image below to see how many changes you can pinpoint.

Image retouching in Woburn, MA

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