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[adjective, of or relating to mail, /meyl/]

Data, segments, and postage oh my!

Mailing can be a real headache. From start to completion, let us manage your mailing project.

A simple static invitation, postcard or magazine or a complex personalized, multi-segmented project, we handle them all.

We’ll help you navigate your mailing project smoothly so it gets done right and out on time.

  • Direct mail
  • Data processing – CASS, NCOA, merge/purge, de-duping, barcoding, etc.
  • High-speed inkjetting
  • Match mailing w/variable data
  • Wafer sealing/tabbing
  • Domestic & international mailing
  • Postal consolidation
  • Machine & hand inserting
  • Direct mail list procurement

Contact us at (781) 939-0991 to learn how we can elevate your print results.

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start to finish.

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